Carla’s Story

A Bariatric Surgery Review


A childhood friend of Dr. Liza Maria Pompa González, Carla chose the doctor as her gastric sleeve surgeon after learning about the in-depth service her friend offered. The entire team at LIMARP International Center of Excellence for Obesity in Tijuana, MX, worked tirelessly to provide thorough pre- and post-surgical care. In this bariatric surgery review, she says that although bariatric treatment requires considerable commitment on the patient's part, pursuing surgery was one of the best decisions she has made in her life.

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I'm a patient here at LIMARP. My name is Carla Hotoyan [SP]. I know Dr. Pompa because we're friends from childhood. Well, the services that I received were I got a sleeve, a bariatric sleeve, and the services were top of the line. Everything was great, vitamins, the attention before and after the surgery. Everything is just amazing what they do. She does everything. She has her own vitamins. She's on top of everything. She's super professional. Just very, very good at what she does. The best decision that I've made so far in my life, the decision to change my eating habits. And everybody thinks that this is the easy way out. Actually, this is the hardest way out because you have to change your mind. It gives you a lot of security, and you feel like a new person again, so it's great.
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