"They're my best friends."

A Close-Knit Bariatric Surgical Team with Over 10 Years of Experience Together


The bariatric surgical team at LIMARP International Center of Excellence for Obesity works closely together to ensure a safe, successful surgery for every patient. Dr. Liza Maria Pompa González knows every member of the team personally, from the cardio anesthesiologist to surgical nurse. Their long history together allows them to work smoothly and efficiently.

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My surgical team, they're my brothers, they're my best friends. I have a general anesthesiologist that specializes in difficult airway. We started since the first day in residency together. Also, my cardio anesthesiologist, we also started from the first day of residency. My surgical nurse was the chief of nurses while I did my residency and my first assistant, Dr. Lopez, was my teacher during general surgery. So I got him into bariatrics just to help me. My surgical team is unique because they are competent, they have experience, but they also have the human touch that patients need.
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