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Gastric Bypass Surgery


One of the most effective types of bariatric treatment available at LIMARP International Center of Excellence for Obesity in Tijuana, MX, is gastric bypass surgery. This procedure not only changes the size of the stomach, but also changes how your digestive system absorbs food. It can produce significant results for patients suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes.

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A gastric bypass surgery is a restrictive and also a malabsorptive procedure, and that means that we're going to make the stomach small so the patient eats less. But we're also going to make a rerouting of the bowels for the patient not to absorb things that will make the patient, you know, gain weight. So we're going to place the intestines further down, and we're going to grab that piece of bowel and take it up. This is a procedure that is more effective to control blood sugar. So we would recommend those types of procedures in patients with diabetes or chronic diseases.
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