A Life-Changing Moment

Bariatric Surgery Benefits


A patient discusses the bariatric surgery benefits she is experiencing thanks to LIMARP International Center of Excellence for Obesity in Tijuana, MX. A strict diet and therapy with the resident nutritional psychologist helped prepare her for the surgery. Since her procedure, she has not only lost weight, but also regained energy and a more active lifestyle.

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I found Dr. Pompa from a friend of mine who had surgery, and so we she recommended, she had a great experience, and I had a lot of medical issues, so she recommended that I come and see Dr. Pompa. The follow-up that she gives you after pre and after surgery were crucial to me versus a lot of my friends that have had surgery in other clinics. She made it very human to me. She really made it a point to get to know me. Although I know the surgery is the same surgery that she does on a lot of patients, it felt very unique to me. First of all, I received the pre-surgery treatment, which was basically a diet. I also had therapy with the psychologist here, who really helped me to understand where I wanted to be, where I'd been with my weight. It's a big, life-changing moment for you understanding how that affects you socially, with your friends, with your family, with your children. And then, of course, then I had received the surgery. I had the surgery and then post-care. So I came here for about four months of care, then a couple of sessions afterwards. Before, I was very let's go the movies versus now let's go to the park, let's do other like hiking and other things that I never did for years.
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