Mireya's Story

Gastric Sleeve Benefits


Mireya Hernandez explains her experience during treatment at LIMARP International Center of Excellence for Obesity in Tijuana, MX, and the gastric sleeve benefits she has experienced. Before her procedure, she struggled with exhausting and unsuccessful diets. Since her treatment with Dr. Pompa, she has lost 100 pounds with no post-surgical complications.

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My name is Mireya Hernandez, and I'm a patient of Dr. Lisa Pompa here in Tijuana at LIMARP. Dr. Pompa, I've known her all my life, so I knew she was going to do an awesome job on me, and there was like no doubt in my mind that if I was going to this, I was going to do it with her. I got cut off, I think, 80% of my stomach, and it's just been like amazing. I lost 100 pounds. I didn't like suffer going through all those diets and just like dying of hunger and starving, and just like losing five pounds in a month. No complications at all. I didn't have any complications. And it changed my life, not only because it's cool that you lose all that weight, and like you can get in the clothes that you want. The most important part was physically you start filling with energy and wanting to do things and not feeling tired all the time. And I would totally recommend her 100%. The facilities are beautiful. The whole experience is amazing, like you get pre-op psychologists and nutritionists, and post psychologists and nutritionists, and she's like there all of the time.
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