Limarp Foundation

Concerned by the alarming facts about obesity in our country, and particularly interested in liberating our state of Baja California from its dangerous first place nationally in childhood and adult obesity, we have the determination to do everything necessary to stop what has become a threat of enormous dimensions. 

We live in a historical moment in which there are equal numbers of obese people in the world than undernourished people. A population that is overweight or obese is so hopeless in a society and vulnerable in terms of health, which in turn directly affects the economy, productivity, and medical services in general.

In order to help people with morbid obesity requiring bariatric surgery without economic means to do so, we created the LIMARP Foundation.


  • Seek funding to help poor people suffering from being overweight or obesity.
  • Through sports, information, book sales HOW MUCH DOES YOUR LIFE WEIGH? and contributions from sponsors.
  • Joining forces with government.


Reintegrate people with severe obesity into society.


We are linked to the Ministry of Health, Tijuana General Hospital and the Medical Specialties and Diseases Unit creating the Interdisciplinary Protocol on Prevention, Detection, Control and Treatment of Obesity in the State of Baja California where we offer our services free of charge to selected patients.



Si estás interesado en formar parte de nuestra Fundación eres bienvenido, en Fundación LIMARP estamos seguros que entre más aportaciones tengamos más ayuda podremos brindar.

Línea en México (664) 686-25-42