We Help Patients Achieve Their Weight Loss Goals through Nutrition Planning

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There are numerous methods for to achieve weight loss, but it can be difficult to maintain your results. Our bariatric center offers nutrition planning for patients in Tijuana, Mexico, and abroad. These plans can be tailored to each patient’s needs based on weight and level of obesity, overall health, and ability and willingness to lose the excess weight. Our bariatric program offers both surgical and non-surgical weight loss solutions to help each patient make realistic changes for a healthier lifestyle. As a beginning, non-surgical treatment, Dr. Liza María Pompa González’s multidisciplinary team includes a nutrition specialist to educate patients on nutrition.

Candidates for Nutrition Planning

Our nutrition planning services are available to all of our patients. You can receive nutrition planning in prior to bariatric surgery to improve health before the procedure, as well as specialized postoperative nutrition for a healthy, successful recovery. You can also take advantage of our nutrition planning services if you are not undergoing surgery. All nutrition and physical activity plans are supervised by a doctor for safe and effective weight loss.

Each program is also personalized to meet each patient’s needs based on their current weight, goals, health conditions, physical ability, and more. Patients will receive specific, individualized instructions on reducing the amount of food and calories consumed daily and increasing physical activity.

Nutrition Plans

Our nutrition specialist can meet with local patients to educate them on developing new, healthier eating habits. We may be able to provide nutrition counseling to international patients as well. Each patient will learn how to choose healthy foods and will receive tips for healthy meals at a low cost. At LIMARP®, we teach our patients to practice mindful eating to help you recognize when you are full, or train your body to become fuller faster. Patients will also receive specific, individualized instructions on reducing their food intake and the calories consumed daily while increasing physical activity. Closely following the instructions in your personal nutrition plan can lead to long-term weight loss success and improved overall health.

Safe Weight Loss

Our personalized nutrition and physical activity plans are medically supervised to provide our patients with the safest and most effective methods for lasting weight loss. You should aim to lose one half to one kilogram, or one to two pounds, per week. Slow and steady weight loss with good nutrition is the safest and most effective way to lose excess weight and achieve long lasting results. Be wary of fad diets or other weight loss plans or programs that promise significant weight loss over a short period of time. These methods are unsafe and do not typically provide lasting results.

Achieve Lasting Results

Our nutrition plans can help you achieve your goals and make lasting, drastic improvements to your overall health and quality of life. If you’re ready to begin your weight loss journey, contact us today to schedule your consultation

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