What to Expect Preparing for Bariatric Surgery and during Your Recovery

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Dr. Liza María Pompa González and her experienced staff have outlined what patients can expect when visiting LIMARP® for a bariatric procedure. We provide our patients with information regarding what they will need in preparing for bariatric surgery,  at our center in Tijuana, MexicoOur expert team of surgical and medical specialists are here to ensure your visit goes as smoothly as possible. 

Admission and Surgery

Local patients will be immediately admitted to LIMARP® hospital because all of the necessary pre-surgery consultations have been completed. A driver will meet international patients at San Diego International Airport and take them across the border to LIMARP®. All patients will sign hospital admittance and consent forms. International patients will need to have pre-operative consultations with Dr. Pompa González and our other doctors once they arrive at our facility to prepare for surgery.

These evaluations may include lab tests, x-rays, and an electrocardiogram. You will also meet with our post-operative doctors to discuss your post-surgery diet and weekly menus. You will meet with Dr. Pompa González to discuss any last minute questions prior to your surgery. The anesthesiologist will also complete a full evaluation discuss the type of anesthesia and pain management that will be used for your procedure. Once you are completely ready, we can begin your surgery process.

Most of our bariatric surgeries are performed through laparoscopy, which is a minimally invasive procedure. The length of your surgery will vary depending on the specific technique used, but should typically only take one to two hours. Recovery times will vary from patient to patient, but most can expect to be up and walking within a few hours with only minor discomfort. You will receive pain medication according to the specialized protocol developed at our center to help you recover as quickly as possible.

Recovery Timeline

Your recovery milestones and projected timeline for discharge following surgery will depend on the type of procedure you undergo.

Gastric Band and Gastric Plication

Patients undergoing less invasive procedures should be almost completely recovered and walking with minimal pain on the day after surgery. You will be on a clear liquid diet until you are cleared from dietary restrictions by one of our doctors. Following a consultation with our post-operative specialists, you will be discharged if you live locally. International patients are taken to the hotel for an additional day of recovery before traveling. 

Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass

Day two marks the first day of hospitalization if you under go a gastric sleeve and bypass. Patients should concentrate on breathing therapy and light movement during this time. Our LIMARP® team will accompany you throughout the day, providing you with shaved ice and intravenous (IV) liquids to keep you well hydrated. Dr. Pompa González will also make rounds to check on you throughout the day.

On your third morning, you will be taken to radiology in the morning for contrast studies. If all is well, you will have your final consultation with our post-operative specialists and will receive written post-operative instructions. Dr. Pompa González will explain how to care for your surgical wounds. International patients will be taken to the hotel for an additional one to two days of recovery prior to travel.

Duodenal Switch

Patients who undergo a duodenal switch procedure will face a similar recovery on day one and two as gastric sleeve and bypass patients. You will continue with your recovery by increasing movement. You will also continue to receive shaved ice and IV hydration. Dr. Pompa González will check on you periodically to ensure you are progressing. On day four, duodenal switch patients will be taken to radiology in the morning for contrast studies. If there are no problems, you will meet with our post-operative specialists and receive your written post-operative instructions before being discharged. International patients will be taken to the hotel to continue recovery for a further one to two days before traveling.

Disocver You Expected Timeline

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