Revision Bariatric Surgery Can Help Patients Who Have not Achieved Weight Loss Success

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In some cases, patients may not have been able to achieve successful weight loss even after undergoing bariatric surgery. LIMARP®️ provides various revision bariatric surgery options at our surgical center in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Liza María Pompa González and her team of surgical specialists can correct issues and perform a different procedure to increase your chances of success. 

Candidates for Revision Bariatric Surgery

Patients who have previously undergone bariatric surgery and experienced unsatisfactory results may be candidates for a revision surgery. A patient may seek revision surgery for a variety of reasons, including failure to lose at least half of their excess weight, an inability to tolerate foods, other surgery-related complications, or regaining all the weight that was lost following their first procedure. Dr. Pompa González can recommend a revision surgery to eliminate complications you may have experienced and to help improve your odds of successful weight loss.

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The team at LIMARP International Center of Excellence for Obesity offers revision bariatric surgery in Tijuana, MX, to correct failed weight loss surgery. Unfortunately, poor technique or insufficient follow-up can undermine the success of a surgery and sometimes lead to regained weight. Dr. Liza Maria Pompa González can work with a patient to figure out the best solution.

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Revision Bariatric Surgery Approval Process

Our approval process for revision bariatric surgery is similar for patients undergoing their first surgery. You will have an initial consultation and evaluation with Dr. Pompa González and her highly experienced surgical and medical teams to ensure that you are physically and mentally prepared for surgery. We will review your medical and surgical history and may request any reports or imaging studies from your previous bariatric surgery.

Once it is determined that revision surgery is an option, Dr. Pompa González can discuss your surgery options with you based on your first, procedure, current state of your health, and your current and previous weight. Together you will choose the surgery option that can offer the greatest odds of successful, lasting weight loss.

Available Revision Bariatric Surgery Procedures

There are numerous bariatric surgeries available depending on which surgery you had done previously. Patients whose first surgery was a gastric band procedure may be candidates for a revision surgery of gastric plication, gastric sleeve, or gastric bypass.

Patients who had a gastric plication done previously may have the procedure revised with a gastric band, gastric sleeve, or gastric bypass. A gastric sleeve procedure can only be revised with a gastric bypass, and a gastric bypass can only be revised with a gastric band. Laparoscopic procedures will be performed whenever possible, but is dependent on the previous procedure and the complications that you are experiencing.

Benefits of Revision Bariatric Surgery

Revision bariatric surgery can correct problems and eliminate complications you may have experienced with your first bariatric surgery. Correcting these issues can increase your comfort as well as your chances of successful weight loss. In many cases, the first surgery patients receive at other hospitals is not the most ideal surgery for their unique situation, and therefore does not produce the desired weight loss results. We also treat many patients who underwent bariatric surgery during the procedure's early stages and wish to achieve better results with the modified techniques and advanced technology available today. Patients who seek a revision bariatric surgery at LIMARP®️ can be assured that they will receive the appropriate surgery for their individual situation to increase the likelihood that the desired weight loss results will be achieved.

Improve Your Success

Patients who come to LIMARP®️ often see greater success and results with a revision surgery and frequently achieve their weight loss goals. If you are considering a revision bariatric surgery, contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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