We Can Effectively Treat Patients Experiencing Bariatric Surgery Complications

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LIMARP®️ is regarded as the best reference unit for patients experiencing acute and chronic bariatric surgery complications. Our multidisciplinary team is well equipped to treat critically ill patients effectively and quickly at our facility. Dr. Liza María Pompa González and her skilled colleagues often treat patients who received treatment from other doctors and centers but are now experiencing bariatric surgery complications. The expert doctors and state-of-the-art technology at our Tijuana, Mexcio, facility can help you get back to recovery. 

Potential Bariatric Surgery Complications

There are a number of complications a patient may experience following a bariatric procedure. Some complications are severe and will require immediate treatment while others are less serious, but may still require additional procedures to increase a patient’s chances of successful weight loss. Complications that may occur immediately following surgery include hemorrhage, infection, blood clots, lung or breathing problems, and gastrointestinal leaks. These problems will be immediately obvious and will require prompt medical attention. Other bariatric surgery complications include a bowel obstruction, fistulas, wound dehiscence, and abdominal sepsis. These complications should be promptly diagnosed and treated to avoid any further problems.

Candidates for Postoperative Complication Treatment

Dr. Pompa González and her team can treat any patient experiencing complications from bariatric surgery, regardless of whether the procedure was performed at our facility, or by another doctor at a different facility. We can treat patients in emergencies who are exhibiting acute pain and symptoms because of our specially designed hospital facilities at our location. We can also treat patients who are experiencing long-term chronic pain or other complications following bariatric surgery, typically with a revision surgery.

Treatment Process for Postoperative Complications

Often, we receive patients referred to us from other doctors and clinics. We are able to provide the effective, life-changing, and necessary care they need. Serious, life-threatening emergencies can be treated immediately at our hospital. We have on-site anesthesiologists, multiple skilled surgeons, an intensive care unit, and the experience necessary to promptly and effectively treat your health issues. We can complete advanced diagnostics to determine the cause of the complications you are suffering from and how best to quickly treat them to protect your health.

Patients experiencing chronic complications will begin the treatment process with a consultation and evaluation with Dr. Pompa González to determine the cause of the problem. Based on your previous surgery, a revision surgery may be chosen to correct the problem and reduce your risk of further complications. Patients whose initial surgery was performed at another facility will need to undergo a lengthier consultation and evaluation with Dr. Pompa González. She can review your medical and surgical history and may request your previous surgical records and imaging studies. 

Receive Expert Care

We have developed an advanced clinical guideline for postoperative treatment based on patient outcomes and systemic inflammatory response syndrome. Our medical and nursing staff is immediately available to handle any post-surgery emergencies. If you are experiencing complications following a bariatric surgery, you should contact our office immediately for consultation and treatment to avoid any future complications.

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