Understanding Benefits of the ORBERA Intragastric Balloon

Hands holding intragastric balloon

Patients looking for a reliable, non-surgical way to lose a significant amount of weight often turn to the ORBERA® intragastric balloon. The treatment offers a number of advantages over other bariatric procedures, including no incisions or recovery time. Dr. Liza María Pompa González offers this safe, effective procedure at her Tijuana, Mexico, practice. She can explain all the benefits and risks of the ORBERA intragastric balloon to determine whether it is right for you.

Why Choose ORBERA?

Other popular bariatric treatments, such as gastric bypass and gastric sleeve, require incisions and substantial downtime. An intragastric balloon represents a non-surgical alternative for substantial weight loss. This procedure involves inserting a deflated gastric balloon made of soft silicone into your stomach. Using a syringe, your doctor then fills the balloon with a saline solution, expanding it to roughly the size of a grapefruit. This allows patients to feel fuller faster and reduce their caloric intake.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss

Since the balloon is inserted down through the mouth and into the stomach, there are no incisions required. This means patients will not need to worry about incision sites or sutures, or the risk of infection associated with surgery.

ORBERA intragastric balloon is a quick and reversible procedure that requires no incisions.

Reversible Treatment

Unlike most other bariatric procedures which alter your digestive tract, including gastric bypass and duodenal switch surgery, ORBERA intragastric balloon is entirely reversible. In fact, the balloon is intended to only be in the stomach for about six months. Once treatment is complete, you will visit Dr. Pompa for a simple procedure that is much like the placement process.

Quick Procedure and Recovery Time

Placing an ORBERA gastric balloon is a straightforward and quick treatment. The procedure lasts about 20 minutes and patients are mildly sedated, rather than being put under general anesthesia. Patients recover at our clinic for about two hours and are then discharged the same day to recuperate at home. 

Life-Changing Results

ORBERA is the leading intragastric balloon worldwide due to its safety and effectiveness. For more than 20 years, ORBERA gastric balloons have helped nearly 300,000 people in countries all around the world lose weight. The average ORBERA gastric balloon patient loses three times more weight than diet and exercise alone. The ORBERA Coach tool provides patients with easy access to a support team to assist you in making healthy diet and exercise choices every day.

Risks of an Intragastric Balloon

About one in three patients will experience some discomfort or nausea after gastric balloon placement. These symptoms typically last for a few days at most and can be treated with over-the-counter medications.

Serious risks following placement or removal of a gastric balloon do occur, although rarely. Ulcers and perforation of the stomach are possible, as is balloon deflation. Additionally, the balloon should be left in place for a maximum of six months. Beyond this period, patients are at risk for more serious complications such as bowel obstruction.

Learn Whether the Benefits Are Right for You

Find out how the ORBERA intragastric balloon can help you lose weight by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Pompa. Contact our office online or call (619) 270-8823 to speak with a member of our team.

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