Breast Reduction Can Relieve Physical Discomfort and Boost Your Confidence

When the breasts are too large, they can strain the body, leading to considerable back and neck pain. A disproportionate bust can also cause sufferers to feel self-conscious. 

Breast reduction treatment at LIMARP® can relieve the discomfort of overly large breasts. At our Tijuana, Mexico, clinic, we use the latest technology to perform breast reduction surgery to provide the safest and most efficient medical experience possible. During your consultation, Dr. Marco A. Rodas Nava can create a plan to reduce the size of your breasts while maintaining an attractive and natural-looking appearance.

Benefits of Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery can relieve:

  • Limitations on physical activity due to discomfort from the weight of your breasts 
  • Feelings of self-consciousness
  • Discomfort in the upper back, shoulders, and neck 
  • Breathing issues
  • Skin indentations from bra straps
  • Difficulty finding clothes that fit well 
  • Skin irritation underneath the breasts 
  • Imbalanced proportions 

At LIMARP®, we will assess your health during your initial consultation and determine whether breast reduction surgery is right for you. Dr. Rodas Nava is a compassionate and skilled surgeon who uses refined techniques to keep scarring to a minimum so that your results provide outstanding physical and emotional benefits.

Because of its life-changing benefits, breast reduction surgery has extremely high satisfaction rates.

Candidates for Breast Reduction

In order to undergo a breast reduction, you should: 

  • Be in good overall health and free of any medical conditions that could complicate your surgery or recovery 
  • Have realistic expectations about what a breast reduction can do for your figure
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and refrain from habits such as smoking, which can lengthen your recovery and increase your risk of complications
  • Find that your quality of life is reduced because of your large breasts 
  • Be at a stable weight 
  • Not have any plans to have children, since pregnancy and breastfeeding can alter the results of your surgery

During your consultation, Dr. Rodas Nava will review your medical history and ensure that you are healthy enough to undergo surgery. He will also ask you to point out your areas of concern to ensure that a breast reduction alone will meet your needs. If you want to improve the projection and shape of your breasts as well, he may recommend a breast lift in combination with your reduction. 

Because it can help eliminate excess fat, skin, and glandular tissue, a breast reduction is a great option for patients who have recently participated in a weight loss program. Following massive weight loss, a breast reduction can help you achieve a breast size more proportionate to your new figure. 

Before and after breast reduction

The Breast Reduction Procedure

Although the actual length of your surgery will depend on the extent of your concerns and whether you are combining a breast reduction with other procedures, most surgeries can be completed in two to five hours. 

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia. You will be unconscious throughout the procedure and should not experience any pain or discomfort. During surgery, Dr. Rodas Nava will make an incision around the nipple and, if necessary, in other areas of the breast. He will then remove excess tissue from the sides and bottom of the breast. If you are also undergoing a breast lift in addition to your reduction, he will reposition the nipple and areola to create a perkier breast form. Sutures will be applied, and bandages and compression garments will be used to protect the breasts as they heal.

Dr. Rodas Nava is a compassionate and skilled surgeon who uses refined techniques to keep scarring to a minimum so that your results provide outstanding physical and emotional benefits.

Recovering from Breast Reduction

You will be able to return home the day after surgery. Within a few days, you will be given a special garment to wear, similar to a sports bra, which should be worn continuously for the next four weeks. You will need to follow all post-surgical instructions carefully to ensure proper healing and minimize discomfort. Instructions may include:

  • Avoiding lying flat on your back.
  • Taking medication as prescribed.
  • Only removing your post-surgical bra for showering.

Most patients are able to return to their normal routines within two weeks, but should not increase physical activity until six weeks have passed. Breasts may remain swollen for up to six months, so be sure to attend your scheduled follow-up appointments to make sure you are healing properly. 

Although your breasts will be noticeably smaller after surgery, it will still take approximately two to three months for your final results to set in. Your scars will begin to fade around the one-year mark after your surgery. 

Life After Surgery

Once your recovery is complete, you may notice improvements in various areas of your life. In addition to helping you achieve a more proportionate figure, a breast reduction can help you enjoy things like trying on clothing and participating in sports once again. 

Because of its life-changing benefits, breast reduction surgery has extremely high satisfaction rates. One study completed by the Annals of Plastic Surgery found that 95 percent of patients who underwent a breast reduction were happy with their results

Maintaining Your Results 

Although the results of a breast reduction are usually permanent, there are certain steps you can take to help maintain the results of your surgery. Try to maintain a stable weight and keep in mind that pregnancy and breastfeeding can increase the size of your breasts once again, reversing the results of your procedure. If you are planning on having more children, talk to Dr. Rodas Nava about your options. 

It is important to understand that natural aging can affect the look of your breasts, although your breasts should no go back to the same size they were before surgery. 

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