Upper Eyelid Surgery Can Provide Cosmetic and Practical Benefits

Upper eyelid surgery at our Tijuana, Mexico, practice can help you look rested and refreshed. In some cases, it can also improve peripheral vision obstructed by sagging eyelids. During a carefully planned procedure, Dr. Marco A. Rodas Nava will tighten the tissues of the upper eyelid to create a more youthful look. At LIMARP®, our compassionate and experienced team focuses on patient comfort, safety, and satisfaction. Dr. Rodas Nava will provide guidance every step of the way to help you achieve excellent results.

About Upper Eyelid Surgery

As you age, your skin and muscles will lose elasticity and begin to sag. When this affects your eyelids, it can make you look sad, tired, and aged beyond your years. Upper eyelid surgery, or upper blepharoplasty, is designed to rejuvenate the eyelids. Depending on the patient's goals, Dr. Rodas Nava can combine the procedure with lower eyelid surgery to achieve optimal results.

Are You a Candidate for Upper Eyelid Surgery?

If you have drooping upper lids, you are likely a candidate for upper blepharoplasty. You must also be in good overall health. As with any plastic surgery procedure, certain conditions such as diabetes and other autoimmune disorders may raise too many risks during surgery. It is also important that you do not smoke, or, if you are a smoker, that you are willing to stop the habit for a period leading up to surgery. This is because nicotine affects the body's ability to deliver oxygen to wounds, which can complicate your recovery. You should also be willing to stop smoking permanently in order to prolong the results of your surgery. Dr. Rodas Nava will perform an in-depth analysis of your health and your goals to determine if upper eyelid surgery is right for you.

What to Expect during Upper Eyelid Surgery

Upper eyelid surgery begins with anesthesia to maintain your comfort throughout the procedure. Next, Dr. Rodas Nava will create incisions following the natural creases of your eyelids. These incisions are carefully placed in a way that results in discreet scarring. Through these small openings, he will trim away excess skin, and he will tighten certain muscles to reduce sagging. This will not affect normal eyelid movement. 

Dr. Rodas Nava will provide guidance every step of the way to help you achieve excellent results.


You should expect some slight swelling and discomfort after surgery, which you can minimize with eye drops and ointments prescribed by your surgeon. You should also sleep with your head elevated and avoid rubbing your eyes. Sutures will usually be removed in five to seven days. Typically, patients can return to work in about 10 days. You should avoid heavy lifting and other strenuous activity for three to four weeks. It could take up to a year to achieve the final results. During your consultation, Dr. Rodas Nava will provide an estimated timeline of recovery.

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