Lower Eyelid Surgery Can Turn Back the Clock

Lower eyelid surgery performed at our Tijuana, Mexico, practice can restore a youthful appearance by eliminating puffiness, dark circles, and sagging skin under the eyes. Dr. Marco A. Rodas Nava will customize your surgery according to your cosmetic goals. When you choose LIMARP®, your surgery will take place in our own state-of-the-art surgical facility, which meets strict standards of safety. Utilizing advanced technology and a precise treatment plan, we can ensure your comfort, safety, and optimal cosmetic results.

About Lower Eyelid Surgery

Often, the first signs of aging appear under the eyes. Lower eyelid surgery can effectively reverse these signs of aging. Dr. Nava may recommend this procedure if you wish to address:

  • Bags or puffiness beneath your eyes
  • Deep creases under your eyes
  • Severely drooping lids that expose the whites of your eyes below your pupils

In addition to evaluating your skin elasticity and current state of health, your doctor will evaluate your medical history. Generally speaking, the best candidates are non-smokers in good overall health with realistic goals. While lower eyelid surgery cannot make a 50-year-old patient look 18, it can certainly help patients look more rested and alert. 

Do you find that you look more tired or aged than you feel due to the appearance of your lower eyelids? We can help.

The Lower Eyelid Surgical Procedure

Once you have received anesthesia, Dr. Rodas Nava will perform your surgery by creating a tiny incision hidden inside your eyelid or within the lash line. By taking this approach, resulting scars are easily concealed and virtually unnoticeable. After creating the incisions, your doctor will begin removing excess tissue and tightening other tissues. In some cases, he may eliminate small deposits of fat, but will take care to avoid creating a sunken or aged look. More frequently, however, he will simply redistribute this tissue to restore a youthful fullness. In other instances, he may perform fat grafting, a process of using your own fatty tissue taken from another part of your body. Once he has achieved the final results, Dr. Nava will close the incisions using small sutures.

Recovery from Lower Eyelid Surgery

After eyelid surgery at LINARP, you will return to your home or hotel room to rest. You should sleep with your head in an elevated position. For the first one to two weeks after surgery, you can expect swelling, bruising, redness, and eye irritation. Following your doctor’s instructions is the best way to reduce inflammation and achieve a timely recovery. Ointments, eye drops, and other medications recommended by your surgeon can also help to eliminate discomfort.

Bruises will usually fade in about two weeks. After the first week, you can wear makeup to conceal bruising. Although you can typically go back to work in about 10 days, you should not strain yourself in any way. Dr. Nava will determine when you can exercise and resume other physically demanding activities. While everyone heals at a different rate, it can sometimes take up to a year before the final results become apparent.

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