Social Commitment

We are living in a historical moment were there are the same number of people with overweight and obesity than people that are undernourished in the world, it is an honor to have the opportunity to gather our efforts to fight the worst non contagious pandemic in the history of mankind, Obesity.

Launching different health campaigns through our non-profit organization LIMARP Foundation is intended for all people struggling from obesity, we are interested in freeing our patients from the first among the world in childhood and adult obesity.

With Dr. Liza María Pompa’s leadership we have published our first book “How much does your life weigh?” that focuses on Obesity, with the determination of doing everything that is necessary to stop what has become an enormous threat to our health.

We hope that the information that you find here helps you get familiar to our services and that it answers some of the questions you may have. Continue with your reserach, navigate through our web page and discover LIMARP.

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