An Experienced Medical Team Specializing in Advanced Bariatric Care

Eduardo Vázquez, MD.

Eduardo Vázquez, MD.

Internist, Critical Management of the Obese Patient

In LIMARP, he is Chief of Internal Medicine in the Bariatric Clinical Department, assign to stratify patients risks, realizing a complete assessment of the metabolic, cardiac and preoperative studies in the patient with overweight who is being prepared for surgery and the clinical management postoperatively.

He graduated from Baja California’s Autonomous University, doing a residency in Internal Medicine in Tijuana’ General hospital where nowadays he is Chief of Internal Medicine and the Intensive Care Unit.

He is a member of the Mexican Association of Internal Medicine and a and a certified specialist in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).


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At LIMARP International Center of Excellence for Obesity in Tijuana, MX, our bariatric clinic staff supports you from your first consultation through follow-up care after your surgery. Our team includes doctors specializing in bariatric medicine, as well as a nutritionist and a psychologist. In the 10 years since we have begun working together, we have successfully completed thousands of surgeries for patients impacted by obesity.

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Dr. Brenda Montaño Vergara

Dr. Brenda Montaño Vergara, General Practitioner

Graduate of the Autonomous University of Baja California’s School of Medicine. 

Dr. Montaño has complemented her professional formation and development through diverse specialized courses, including one in bariatric nutrition. Within LIMARP she works in the hospitalization area and provides support in the nutrition area by counseling patients constantly during the pre and post-surgical phases.

The nursing staff at LIMARP is specially qualified in Bariatric patients, under the instruction of our affiliated doctors they provide a continued and complete care of the overweight and obese patient. In fact our nursing team is dedicated and focused only in our priority, our patients.


Dr. Anais Gómez Ibarra Corona

Dr. Anais Gómez Ibarra Corona, General Practitioner

Graduate of the Xochicalco University (professional license 09280987)

Accredited by the American Heart Association in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, 2016-2018. She also completed a course in bariatric medicine titled “Updates in the Multidisciplinary Treatment of Obesity 2016”. 
At LIMARP she works in the coordination of the hospitalization area and also provides follow-up treatment to patients both before and after surgery. 

Dr. Mariano Enrique Rubio García

Dr. Mariano Enrique Rubio García, General Practitioner

Graduate of the Autonomous University of Baja California’s School of Medicine (professional state license 85-02/2016), he is also a licensed Clinical Lab Technician.

He did his internship at the Ciudad Obregón General Hospital (state of Sonora) and his social service at the IMSS (social security hospital) Prospera in Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada. At the Mexican Red Cross in Obregon City he was in charge of emergencies and external consultations. He took the cardiopulmonary reanimation course for newborns at the Children’s and Women’s Hospital in Obregon City. He also took the inter-culturalism course given at the sub-delegation of the IMSS Prospera Hospital in Ensenada. 

He has taken courses in civil protection such as: basic first aid, basic CPR, evacuation techniques, search and rescue and fire control and prevention. He also attended the civil protection week of Baja California event in September 2016, at the Tijuana Cultural Center. Recently he was certified as an Advanced Cardiac Life Support provider, by the American Heart Association 2016-2018.

Dr. Rubio is assigned to the hospitalization area and is in charge of medical care and patient follow-up in the post-operative phase.


Nurse Cuevas

Nurse María Blanca Cuevas García, RN

Professional license 1030495, Autonomous University of Guerrero 

Registered and Surgical Nurse with a masters in Nursing administration. She has been LIMARP’s and Dr. Pompa’s surgical nurse throughout the years, with high expertise in surgical assistance in Advanced Laparoscopic and Bariatric procedures.

She is a certified specialist by the American Heart Association in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).

Nurse Rogriguez

Nurse Ana Lilia Rodríguez González, Nurse

Professional license 4753061, Autonomous University of Sinaloa

Registered Nurse, she is assigned to the postoperative care of patients in the Bariatric floor. She is a certified specialist by the American Heart Association in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).


Gabriela Vázquez Miranda

Gabriela Vázquez Miranda, B.A. in Nutrition and Food Science.

Graduate of the Iberoamericana University Tijuana Campus.

In 2016 Gabriela successfully finished a professional course in obesity and its interdisciplinary treatment. She has worked with sports teams designing eating plans to improve physical performance and prescribing exercises to meet their needs.

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