Breast Augmentation Recovery Timeline: What to Expect

February 27, 2020 — by Liza Pompa, MD
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A woman in a braBreast augmentation improves the appearance of the breasts, enhancing their size, shape, and fullness to help many women feel more confident in their bodies.

When considering breast augmentation, many patients wonder what to expect in terms of the recovery timeline and how long it will last. At LIMARP® in Tijuana, B.C., we explain the breast augmentation recovery timeline to our patients during consultations.

Here, we'll take a closer look at a general timeline for recovery. If you would like a more detailed timeline, we welcome you to contact us.

The First Few Days after Surgery

Immediately following breast augmentation, patients generally feel groggy and tired until the anesthesia used during surgery wears off. Patients may also feel some pain and discomfort when they wake up. However, medication is commonly given to help keep patients comfortable while they recover enough to go home.

Once home, patients should expect to feel some pain and discomfort during the first few days of recovery. At our Tijuana practice, pain medication is generally prescribed and over-the-counter medications may be recommended to help ease pain during recovery.

Additionally, the breasts and surrounding tissue are commonly swollen at this time. Swelling may take several months to fully resolve but should subside as the body heals. Resting can help reduce swelling and ease discomfort during the first few days of recovery.

One Week after Surgery

After about a week of recovery, pain and discomfort may persist, but it should continue to improve with time. Over-the-counter pain medications may be sufficient to manage pain at this time.

Although strenuous activity should be avoided for several weeks and until you are cleared by your doctor, light activity, such as walking, is often recommended because it helps with healing and reduces the risk of blood clots.

Two to Three Weeks after Surgery

Two to three weeks after surgery, many of our patients feel recovered enough to return to work; they may do so provided that their jobs are not physically demanding. Patients with jobs that require strenuous activity should wait several more weeks to return to work to avoid complications after surgery.

The final results of breast augmentation will not be visible at this time. The breasts may still feel sore and swelling will be present. Some experience a pulling or stretching feeling in the breast area as the skin adjusts to the implants.

Six Weeks and Beyond

By the six-week mark, most patients find soreness has resolved and their breasts are beginning to look closer to their desired appearance. As swelling decreases and the breast tissues adjust, the breasts will soften and take on a more attractive appearance. Final results may take several months to develop.

After six weeks, many patients will be healed enough to increase their physical activity. With that said, strenuous activity should not be resumed until approved by your doctor.

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