Mommy Makeover Recovery Options

January 17, 2020 — by Liza Pompa, MD
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A mother and her babyIn addition to the latest in effective weight loss procedures, Dr. Liza María Pompa González is proud to offer plastic surgery at her Tijuana, B.C. center. Facial rejuvenation and body contouring procedures are essential for bariatric surgery patients looking to lose their sagging skin and for people who simply want to reverse signs of aging.

Since the effects of pregnancy and childbirth can seriously impact body shape and contour, the team at LIMARP® offers mommy makeover treatment. This combines tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), breast lift, thigh lift (thighplasty), and other body contouring procedures. We want to take a look at the mommy makeover recovery process and what is involved. This will help you understand what to expect after the procedure as you heal.

How Long Does Mommy Makeover Recovery Take?

A full recovery from a mommy makeover can take several weeks depending on the types of procedures performed. While it will take a while to return to many of your normal activities, patients can gradually return to daily tasks if they follow pre-op and post-op instructions provided by the practice.

Common Side Effects After a Mommy Makeover

Some of the most common side effects after undergoing a mommy makeover include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Sensitivity along incision sites

These are all normal surgical side effects and will dissipate with time.

Focus on Rest

In the first week or so after surgery, your primary focus should be on getting rest. Do not overexert yourself as this can put strain on the incision sites and on your body as you recover.

Take Pain Medication as Directed

Pain relievers are common after undergoing surgery. You may receive some prescription pain medication from our Tijuana practice. Take this as directed, and do not exceed the maximum dosage. As your pain improves, you can switch to over-the-counter pain medicine.

Walk to Promote Circulation as You Heal

While it will be a few weeks before you can exercise like you used to, you will need to walk for a few minutes each day in the first weeks after surgery. This light exercise helps promote circulation and prevent blood clots from forming in the legs.

Think of this as a way to ease yourself back into your usual fitness routine. Increase the amount of walking you can do as your recovery progresses.

Attend Follow-Up Visits as Scheduled

There will be a few follow-up visits at our practice to monitor your recovery and address an issues should they arise. Be sure to attend all of these visits as scheduled. You’re also encouraged to contact our practice if any pressing concerns arise.

Returning to Normal Physical Activities

As the weeks go by, you will be able to return to work and many other regular activities, including moderate exercise and swimming. Be sure to gradually return to these activities as instructed by our team. Don’t push yourself too hard early on as you’re still in a crucial phase of healing.

Long-Term Fading of Scars

Scars will be quite noticeable for the first few months after your mommy makeover. This is normal. Over time, the mommy makeover scars will fade. Many of these incision areas are easily concealed by many undergarments, tops, bottoms, and bathing suits.

Learn More About Mommy Makeovers

If you would like to learn more about mommy makeover treatment and why it may be ideal for you, be sure to contact a skilled bariatric surgery specialist and weight loss surgeon. You can schedule a consultation at LIMARP® by phone in Tijuana at (664) 686-2542. You can also reach our office toll free by calling (866) 279-8327.

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