Intragastric Balloon Candidates

August 17, 2019 — by Liza Pompa, MD
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Adjusting a doctor's scale to determine your weightIf you are unable to lose weight through diet and exercise alone, there are other options out there that can help you achieve a more ideal weight and better overall health. Dr. Liza María Pompa González is proud to offer the latest surgical weight loss procedures to patients. By undergoing bariatric surgery at our practice serving Tijuana, MX and San Diego, CA, you can experience good health through safe and rapid weight reduction.

While the gastric bypass and gastric sleeve are usually performed here, we also offer other weight loss procedures that are much less invasive, such as the non-surgical intragastric balloon. Let’s cover the basics of this procedure and who is an ideal candidate for it.

What Is an Intragastric Balloon?

An intragastric balloon is a silicone balloon that is placed inside of a person’s stomach and then filled with a saline solution. The balloon expands, taking up room inside of the stomach. In the process, the intragastric balloon reduces the amount of food you can eat, which helps you cut down on calories with every meal.

Why an Intragastric Balloon Instead of Other Surgeries?

Unlike other surgeries offered at our Tijuana practice, the intragastric balloon is non-invasive. There are no incisions involved and no surgical downtime either. Patients simply have the intragastric balloon placed and can return to many of the activities that they used to participate in.

The procedure is temporary, and helps patients lose around 10 percent of their body weight. After six months or so, the intragastric balloon is removed. Patients are encouraged to continue with healthy eating and regular exercise to keep the excess weight off.

Required Body Mass Index (BMI) for Intragastric Balloon

The intragastric balloon is ideal for patients with a BMI of between 30 to 40. That means they are in the obese range. The procedure will help bring the patient closer to a healthier BMI.

Difficulty Losing Weight Through Natural Means

Intragastric balloons are ideal for people who have had trouble losing weight through diet or regular exercise. Losing weight can be difficult, and sometimes a little help such as an intragastric balloon can make shedding those pounds and keeping them off easier.

Issues with a Comorbidity Associated with Obesity

At LIMARP®, we take comorbidities seriously. If you are obese and suffer from heart disease, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, or hypertension (high blood pressure), weight loss procedures can help you avoid serious health issues down the road. When discussing intragastric balloon candidacy, we will definitely take these matters into account.

Medical Conditions That Make Intragastric Balloon a Bad Option

While many people can benefit from the intragastric balloon as a temporary weight loss aid, certain medical conditions will prevent someone from getting the balloon placed. This includes the following:

  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • Hiatal hernia
  • Gastric mass
  • Liver failure
  • Esophageal motility disorder

Additionally, if you’ve previously undergone a previous bariatric surgery or gastrointestinal surgery, you may not be a good candidate for an intragastric balloon.

Discussing Weight Loss Procedures in Greater Detail

Keep in mind that an intragastric balloon is just one option to help you lose weight. We can determine which surgical and non-surgical weight loss procedures would be best for you and your needs during a full consultation at our practice.

Learn More from Our Bariatric Surgery Team

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